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Living in NYC – Visiting the Japan Fes.(t) on Broadway

It was shortly after arriving in NYC (so to speak in the pre-Trump era) when friendly neighbors suggested we go to the Japan Fes. (it is really Fes, not Fest!) on Broadway. Especially the Ramen contest should be fun, they said.

Happy about this information from people who have been here for quite some time we heeded their advice, although I am often rather reluctant when it comes to huge, packed gatherings. But I am also kind of a Japan fan and the weather was very nice.

So there were no excuses.

Broadway is one of the most frequented streets in NYC, at least between the 116th Street and the 92nd Street. So, many things were going on there all the time. We passed for example a Jazz orchestra before we found ourselves right in the middle of loads of food stands with delicious Japanese stuff – we had reached the Japan Fes.

Maybe I missed the point – and we missed the Ramen contest too – but I couldn’t find very much besides the food stands. Sure, we saw a few funny sushi pillows. Real pillows. You can see them here in the background.

That was fun. But I didn’t purchase one.

Japan in NYC - sushi pillows

Do you see the Sushi pillows? No?

Sushi pillows

The unbelievable Sushi pillows

At the end we gave in to our curiosity and snatched some food off the last food stand.

It tasted interesting. Nothing to die for but decent. Afterwards we went to the lovely Riverside Park.

to be continued ..

Amsterdam Avenue NYC

Starting the trip on Amsterdam Avenue

Gardens in NYC

Making America (and Cuba) great (again) in lovely gardens in NYC

Garden in NYC

Art in the garden

People of New York

Pinkish outfits and surprised glances

Scenes of New York


Japanese Fest in New York

Stands everywhere

Scenes of New York

And more stands

Scenes of New York

From afar

Streets of NYC

and in the thick of it ..

Crowd of NYC

It is packed ..

Reso Box in NYC

Reso Box stand

Japan in NYC

People standing in the long line

Japanese food in NYC

and taking pics


Japan Food in NYC

The result

Japan Food in New York

And from a different perspective


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  1. Flo Crowskin

    In my opinion, udon noodles beat ramen by far. If they have some of them, you should try next time!

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