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Living in NYC – The Bergdorf Goodman X’mas throwback

Living in NYC

The Bergdorf Goodman X’mas Throwback

As the weather was lousy this spring, I got the brilliant idea of a X’mas throwback.

The Bergdorf Goodman X’mas decorations are a classic, always breath-taking, and so popular that I should not want to miss the opportunity to write a post about them.  Especially for those people who are not familiar with this recurrent element of the christmas buildup in NYC.

I think I don’t need to say so much anymore as the pictures speak for themselves. If you like them, you can also check the Bergdorf Goodman Windows under the following hashtags #BGHoliday #BGWindows  or #DestinationExtraordinaryatBG  And don’t miss the magnificient pictures by Ricky Zehavi

Here are my modest impressions taken this past holiday season:

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